Call me: 360-271-4759 in Kitsap County, WA. No texts, please.
Okay, in case you haven't figured it out yet, this is a love site for cocks. I adore men's sex organs, asshole (it is so a sex organ), balls, taint and, praise da lawd, peni, the rod, dick, johnson, meat stick....god, I love them so much.
I have loved cock since I was a kid of 12 checking out the other guys in the shower after gym class. I also checked out the girls every chance I got cause I love pussy too. But cock is my altar that i worship at, the heavenly throbbing god i praise. When I feel a guy shoot a hot, steamy load of jiz into my mouth I get all giddy and cum all over myself with delight and happy, happy, joy, joy.
I love nothing more then to get another man naked and do things to his privates with my lips and tongue and gums and fingers. I love to lick his asshole and slide my wet tongue up his taint, all over his balls and then up that beautiful shaft to the pinnacle. And if there's a little pearly drop of pre-cum waiting there for me i will gobble it up with gusto.
Sucking the cock is a transcendental experience in itself. Feeling it throb and pulse between my lips, the sensation of the tip rubbing against my gums and upper palette, the silky shaft sliding in and out rubbing against my wet lips ... oh, sweet jiZzus, it is fucking heaven for me. And when my lover cock finally spews his goodness for me ..... AAAAGGGHHHH ... I am spiritually complete and whole again.
I do so love it. Yes, I do.

By the way, i love deep throating, too. if you're a horny black dude with a BIG one to suck you move to the 'head' of the line. i will drain that sweet chocolate rod down my gullet so fast.....

i gotta get to Bremerton and suck some cocks, dammit, I'm so fuckin' turned on tight now.

So if you have a cock please let me borrow it for a few minutes. I will be so respectful and generous with it and give it back to you in much happier condition then it was in befofe ... may be a little spit on it ... but the cum will be ALL licked off.

Vern Jenkins
Lincoln Ave SE, Port Orchard, WA
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Let me take care of your cock and balls in Port Orchard tonight. also suck taints and assholes.
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Vern Jenkins sucking dick
Stop by and shoot a load all over my face and tits, down my throat or up my sweet ass....
fucking awesome
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Seen me around? I go to the HiJoy every Monday at 11am for lunch. I go shopping every Saturday morning at 9am up at Albertsons on Mile Hill. If you see me there with my family walk by and say "hi, Vern" then meet me in the restroom and I'll do what I can to make you feel good. Handjob, blowjob...whatever we can get away with. Even a few gentle strokes feels pretty fucking good. See ya' around.
I want to suck you off tonight. Handjobs and tight anal available, too.
No questions asked. Age, race, status, orientation, size or how soft or hard... it just doesn't fuckin' matter. And, yes, I like tiny cocks. Must be very discrete. Always call first.