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Stop by my house any morning between 3 to 5 AM and I'll drain your dick of that pesky cum. I swallow and LOVE it.
What the fuck can I say? I love suckin' cocks and takin' it up the ass. If you can shoot a load, I'll do ya, no questions asked. I love em' big, tiny, hard, soft, young, old, black, white or any color in between. I just love em". So how does it work? You call me sometime after midnight to wake me up, say you're coming over to get sucked off or fuck me, don't give any other info. Come over, get naked on my bed and I will give you the best most STUFUCKINGPENDOUS blowjob you've ever had. If you don't want to, say, hang around, get hard and go again or fuck me, get dressed and leave. All free, easy, great feeling and memorable. If it's alright with you, I'll viddy us, no faces, and post it on my site so we can look at it when we get horny. If you don't want any cameras, no prob. I do make fine quality porn in case you're interested. The main thing is I drain your cock and solve your blue balls problem.

No one should ever have to put up with being horny when I'm here. If you can get hard and shoot a load you deserve to be taken care of by someone who is discreet, talented and loves your cock and cum.
E me here
call 360-271-4759
local to Kitsap
between midnight and 5 AM
Wanna jerk off together?
I live on Lincoln Ave SE near the south end of Evergreen (google it) in a big green two story house. I can play between midnight and 5AM ONLY so don't cum knockin' to see if I'm cockin'. I have a family so must be VERY discreet. If you cum down Lincoln Ave around 3-5am any morning and the porch light is out that means I'm up. May be inside making a cup of coffee. I stand out on the front porch naked and suck cock whenever I can. Call me to make sure I'm up if you ever want to pop a nut in a warm, welcoming hole. If the weathers not too bad we can go to the side of the house and you can piss on me or in my mouth. I love it.

 I do a lot of married guys, straight guys and old guys. I have sucked cocks as small as my little finger and as large as my forearm. I UV the taste of jiz so give me a big, hot load. If you can't get it up that's cool cause' I can still get you off. If you're a brother with a BBC go to the front of the line. The darker the meat the sweeter the treat, baby.
Where to meet me
1. Here at the house after midnight to 5am. This way we can go inside, get naked and I can do you good.
2. Albertsons on Mile Hill and Jackson Saturday mornings before 9am. If you see me, stay cool, I'm with the family, smile or wink at me discreetly and I'll meet you in the bathroom where I'll suck you dry.
3. Hi Joy Bowl every Monday at 11am. Same protocol as above. Can't suck you off in the restroom but I can play with your cock and stroke you off, then eat your cum like I always do.
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Fuck, I wish I was the guy on his knees in this pic. I LOVE cock so much. I want to suck yours so bad right now. I do a LOT of straight guys so don't be shy and call me for a great experience. Married men just adore me cause' my wife is frigid to and I know what they want.

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And if your a young guy just discovering that you are gay, let me guide you gently and teach you all you need to know to open the pleasure gates inside you. I am very gentle and passionate as well as patient. Don't find out the facts in a back alley somewhere or get yourself beat up.